Our goal every week is to present helpful teaching from the scripture, which connects us to the heart and mind of God.  We use plain everyday language, make it applicable, and bring the ultimate focus to Jesus.  


Previous teaching series:  Proverbs: Living Wisely In God’s World

Title_01_thumbYou’re invited to join us as we read through the book of Proverbs together. Then on Sundays, Pastor Mike will talk about a selection from the week’s readings.  Proverbs offers us practical wisdom from the heart and mind of God.


Current teaching series:  Rediscovering Hope

Rediscover Hope_thumbThis is an exciting time to be at Hope Community Church. We are embarking on a journey of discovering our own uniqueness as individuals and as a church.  We love and serve God by loving and serving others, and it’s in the joy of selfless service where we discover the unique purposes for which he has created each of us. But we may still need to explore and discover how God has “shaped” us, and is still shaping us for the kind of life He planned for us.