Visual Parables

visual-parablesMarcus Hanson offers a rich and unique artistic addition to our Sunday mornings at HCC. He is the artist and founder of Visual Parables, a ministry which uses art to add greater dimension to teaching. Marcus sketches live performance drawings during the message with the goal to delight and inspire people to move from mere knowledge of truth, to the understanding of it.

He is expanding his art ministry beyond the walls of the church though his book, “Visual Parables,” available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Halo Publishing. Marcus also leads small group studies and is occasionally our guest-speaker, offering special presentations.

You can find him on Facebook here, and can check out his blog, Parable Post, here. His art appears in the children’s book, The Story Teller,” by Robert White. His art is also found in a faith-based game called Spiritual Gifts.

His website can be viewed at


From His website:

mhanson2“What is a parable, but a simple narrative that reveals a truth? While we often think of a narrative as consisting of words, art can have a narrative quality, too. This is the basic methodology to which I ascribe in my work.”

“While parable can be an effective way of explaining complicated theology, I believe Christ relied upon parable for more than just that. For its effectiveness extends only to those willing to gather out the truth. By our act of sincere volition our minds are engaged. That truth is then able to penetrate our spirits in a more vivid and deeper way, more so than by merely giving it away plainly and simply. Much like art, for those willing to explore past the surface of a parable, a whole new world is revealed.”

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. -Proverbs 25:2 niv